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Blog posts for the BC Button Accordion.

Blog posts for BC Button Accordion

This is an extra part of the site, blog posts for bc Button Accordion, where opinions can be shared, tips given and recommended listening listed. Basically making a well resourced source of information for all those people playing the BC Button Accordion around the world.

If you would like to know more about the tutor, Damien O’Reilly, give a visit to and you can also see his album.

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This part of the site will be dynamic and consequently we would love to hear from you about anything accordion related. Moreover do you think there is an album missing off the recommended listening blog? Are you a recognised accordion repairer and you would like your details on the site for that reason do get in touch with us.

Top Tips Section

The top tips will be useful to those who are starting out. As a result these are tips which have been useful to accordion players all around the world.

Recommended Listening

The recommended listening posts are for the purpose of solo accordion albums. I have been lucky enough to be able to listen to all of these albums. Listening to albums and recorded music should be at least half of the time spent on music. Playing and perfecting technique is really important, but listening to music (simultaneously with rehearsing) can bring so many benefits to your playing, sometimes without you even realising it.

Aims of

Aims of irishbuttonaccordionlessons.ieThe philosophy, objectives and aspirations for this tutorial site. The aims and objectives of ….. but first…. Before delving into the reasons why I began the site The reasons for this blog posting are because I hadn’t explained my hopes for this site yet. A lot of questions have been coming…

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Do These 5 Things

When starting out, try to…(The 5 traits to watch out for) 1. Right Hand Positioning Experience has shown me the different mistakes that crop up very regularly when an accordion player is starting out. The right hand positioning is so important. Get it right, and you will be able to tackle any tune with dexterity…

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