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The philosophy, objectives and aspirations for this tutorial site.

The aims and objectives of ….. but first….

Before delving into the reasons why I began the site The reasons for this blog posting are because I hadn’t explained my hopes for this site yet. A lot of questions have been coming into me from subscribers. A recurring question was “what motivated you to build this site?”

Stay with me……

With any venture, one needs people around them. This site/platform would not be possible without the never ending help from a few people. Firstly my wife Caoilfhionn, who encouraged me from day one to go for the project. Knowing the amount of work that would be involved, for both of us, this didn’t deter her. Each evening I would hear, “is there anything I can do to help?” and before I would know it she would have a tune notated, transcribed to ABC, noted an error on a page and countless other things.

A brilliant web designing group, are a brilliant company to work with. Kashka was so professional and responsive and identified issues before they came around. Kashka always made sound recommendations. Always delivered on my requests.


The amount of praise I have received for the quality of the videos has been astounding. Sean O’Malley in Miltown Malbay, County Clare, edited sound and video details to great affect. Sean was the ever professional, give a browse to He and his father run a brilliant studio.

Caitlin Nic Gabhann has been a great sounding board and so helpful in this venture. She is the tutor and owner of which is a fantastic resource to people all over the world. Obviously a credit to Caitlin to create this tool and promote the concertina to dizzying heights providing quality, tasteful tuition.

At Last ……. the aims of

I have been fortunate to teach music in my home of County Clare for the last 20 years. However, as life moves on, time becomes more precious. Especially when you have a young family. Subsequently, receiving a call from a parent “are you still teaching accordion Damien?”, I have had to reply with – “no, I can’t take any more new students”. Calls would come from people of all ages and backgrounds. The lack of time restricts me from providing Zoom/Skype lessons also. Caitlin, who was mentioned earlier, having consulted with her about the logistics involved, I decided to pursue this venture. It is stated all over the site, but it is worth saying again that a student can subscribe here, having not experience of the BC button accordion, and progress to a professional standard of playing.

I don’t consider it “the one stop shop”

I am very conscious about the last sentence of the previous paragraph. I have considered it frequently. It is a statement I stand fervently behind. I have carefully considered the teaching points in every lesson, thinking of the previous lesson’s teaching points, building to the next lesson. It is a steady progression from beginner to advanced. 20 years of problems students face and how to get them to jump those hurdles.

Yet, this is my teaching style alone. Inherent is the tuition I received for 9 years from Conor McCarthy and the countless summer school festivals I attended. I am using what I feel were the best part of those lessons. I am absolutely positive that may not suit your learning style, and may be best suited to another platform. I am also fully sure that there are numerous teachers who are better than me, all over the world. I recommend viewing the free lessons

The subscriber needs to be suited to the lessons and content.


When it comes to accordion music, one can’t get enough. There are a lot of the subscribers who really want to delve into the accordion world. These users are getting fantastic “in person” lessons from the best of teachers. Users are supplementing their journeys on the accordion with this site. This was a secondary aim of mine.

Lack of Access

Despite the success and proliferation of traditional irish music over the last 15 years, worldwide – there are lots of people who don’t have access to lessons. They don’t have access to lessons on many instruments for various reasons. I found this most sad. Getting these lessons, on such a platform, provides people with the opportunity of learning the button accordion.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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