When starting out, try to...

(The 5 traits to watch out for)

1. Right Hand Positioning

Experience has shown me the different mistakes that crop up very regularly when an accordion player is starting out. The right hand positioning is so important. Get it right, and you will be able to tackle any tune with dexterity and ease. This is the first step of 5 things to learn button accordion.  Keeping the fleshy part of your thumb on the finger board is the only part of your thumb that makes contact with the finger board, as shown above. The thumb always maintains a right angle to your fingers also, and the thumb is always to stay above your fingers. Next is to have a “high” wrist. This makes sure that the bottom of your fingers are not touching the finger board. Sticking your elbow out helps with the high wrist. Lastly taking a piano playing strategy, have your fingers curled over the buttons. This is an important point.

These teaching points are explained on the beginner’s course at https://irishbuttonaccordionlessons.ie/pricing/choose-subscription/

Check out the first lesson in the Starter Course.

2. Listen Listen Listen

To be successful at traditional music, 50% of your time spent should be listening to traditional music, on any instrument. I find that new musicians can struggle with getting the rhythm of the tunes. Make sure to listen to the audio files. Most new musicians learning are keen to get to the next note, avoid this, make sure you play the notes for their full value, especially longer notes.

3. Slow Down

Nobody will be measuring how quickly your tunes are progressing or how fast you are playing the tunes. I can spend months, even years on a tunes before I am ready to play it in public. Give yourself a break, and more importantly give yourself time.

4. Use Those Fingers

A lot of box players, starting out, are reluctant to use all of their fingers. This course teaches you, through repertoire that using the fingers are really useful for tricky situations, and they also help with the flow of the tune.

5. Accordion Map

The map is a very useful aid when you are learning the geography of the notes. Use it. It isn’t overly complicated. This is the last step of your 5 things to learn button accordion.

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