The Importance of Listening!

This is a list (dynamic in nature) of recommended listening for the Button Accordion. These are albums of solo Traditional Irish Music on the accordion. You will notice that the albums include C sharp D players and of course BC. These albums have had a significant affect on me growing up, recently and will continue to be sources of inspiration for me. Both systems of playing Irish music on the accordion are great to listen to, as well as melodeon players – hence one could speak about all sorts of traditional music albums as recommended listening for the button accordion.

Listen Listen Listen

I cannot stress enough the importance of listening. I can safely say that I spent 75% of my time listening to traditional music. That may be commercially recorded music, researched music, informal session recordings etc. Music swirls around in my head all day, and it should swirl in yours.

Suggested Listening

Here is a suggested list of albums which are Traditional Irish Music accordion albums. The list will be updated and reviewed continuously, don’t expect it to be the one stop shop for a complete list of accordion greats or complete list of recommended listening for the button accordion. The list will be updated and hence never finished.

It is more than likely that I have forgotten about an album or I don’t know of an album that should be included, so why not get in touch:

Recommended Listening for the Button Accordion

I would recommend that you buy the albums from the artist’s website, store or their bandcamp. If this is not possible, then these sites are reputable stores with good relationships with the artists and will ship worldwide.

Joe Burke “The Morning Mist”.

Joe Burke Traditional Music of Ireland

Joe Burke “Traditional Music from Ireland”.

Jackie Daly “Music from Sliabh Luachra”.

Danny O'Mahony In Retrospect

Danny O’Mahony “In Retrospect”.

Dan Gurney “Traditional Irish Music on Accordion”.

Dan Gurney In Retrospect

Dan Gurney “Ignorance is Bliss”.

Paul Brock “Mo Chairdín”.

Dan Broudar the Lark's Air

Dan Broudar “The Lark’s Air”.

Máirtín O’Connor “The Connacht Man’s Rambles”.

Mairtin O'Connor Chatterbox

Máirtín O’Connor “Chatterbox”.

Finbarr Dwyer.

Finbarr Dwyer Irish Traditional Accordion

Finbarr Dwyer “Irish Traditional Accordion”.

Johnny Óg Connolly “Siar”.

Paudie O'Connor Different State

Paudie O’Connor “Different State”.

Colm Gannon Return to Droim


Colm Gannon The Rights of Maan

Tony McMahon “McMahon from Clare”.

Tony McMahon Farewell to Music

Tony McMahon “Farewell to Music”.

Dermot Byrne

Damien Connolly Inspired

Damien Connolly “Inspired”.

Joe Cooley “Cooley”.

Bobby Gardiner The Master's Choice

Bobby Gardiner “Master’s Choice”.

Bobby Gardiner “High Level”.

Martin Connolly The Fort of Kincora

Martin Connolly “The Fort of Kincora”.

Dave Munnelly “Swing”.

Dave Munnelly By Heck

Dave Munnelly “By Heck”.

John J. Kimmel

Peter Conlon The Genius of Peter Conlon

Peter Conlon “The Genius of Peter Conlon”.

Paddy O’Brien

PJ Hernon

PJ Hernon

Aidan Coffey “The Corner House Set”.

Andrew McNamara Dawn

Andrew McNamara “Dawn”.

Benny McCarthy “Push and Draw”.

Bryan O'Leary Tranquility in Tureencahill

Byran O’Leary “Tranquility in Tureencahill”.

Charlie Piggot “The Days that are Gone”.

Donie Nolan The Banks of Ábha Bán

Donie Nolan “The Banks of the Abha Bhán”.

John Brosnan “The Cook in the Kitchen”.

Conor Moriarty All in a Day's Play

Conor Moriarty “All in a Day’s Play”.

Mick Mulcahy

Mick Mulcahy Agus Cairde

Mick Mulcahy “Agus Cairde”.

Peter Carberry “Traditional Music from Co. Longford”.

Fergus Bogue Díreach ón Gcroí

Fergus Bogue “Díreach ón gCroí”.