Left Hand Button Accordion Content

The left hand lesson content contained on this course from https://irishbuttonaccordionlessons.ie aims to bring a learner from complete scratch to an advanced level of playing the base hand. At the moment, there are 14 lessons available with more to be added during the summer of 2023. The source content for the lessons (tunes) come from lessons available throughout the site, see below:

Starter Course:


Improver Course:


Advanced Course:



Recommendations for Left Hand Button Accordion

I recommend that a learner is extremely comfortable with the right hand. The logic behind this is that a learner’s attention can be on the left hand. Your mind is concerned with the functions of accompanying the music. This is the method I was shown and it works well in my opinion.

What if my Base Hand is Tuned Differently?

Left Hand tunings can come in all forms. The inside row is standard and is consistent from accordion to accordion. However the outside row (the line of buttons closest to your air button and left hand strap) can be tuned differently. Once you figure out your tuning, just apply the correct base chord depending on whether the right hand notes are push or draw.

How does the Course Progress?

The course starts off focusing solely on the rhythm for tunes in a time signature of 4/4 and for 6/8. The focus is only on a basic rhythm pattern which will add to your overall sound as an accordion player. Then this develops into adding correct chord patterns, which will depend on the key and melody traits of the tune. Culminating in adding a more advanced style of base work which is a style created by myself, influenced by several other melody instruments. As always, get in touch with me as you may have questions. Or you may have ideas on how the content is delivered, would love some input.