Why sign up with Damien

Sign up for Button Accordion Lessons Online with Damien O’Reilly. You will get unlimited access to Beginner, Improver, and Advanced courses. Start from scratch and learn how to play button accordion. Upon completion of the course you will reach a very high standard of playing. The repertoire of tunes on the course are a mixture of session tunes and rare repertoire. The course ensures that you start off with the best of technique and each lesson progresses onto the next. The site’s tutor guarantees that if the teaching points are followed, a musician will learn how to play button accordion.

Unlimited access to Button Accordion Lessons Online. Watch and learn every lesson once, or a hundred times. Use the video functionality to help you along at your own learning pace. You can speed up or slow down the lessons, or loop sections to ensure you gain the content. A member will have access to the streamed video, an audio file and notation in ABC and in staff notation.


Learn from the source. Damien has taught in all types of scenarios. The Button Accordion Lessons were designed and recorded with these experiences in mind. From 15 years of teaching, there are hundreds of common questions which Damien has encountered. These are the main teaching points mentioned in the lessons. Find out more about Damien at http://damienoreillymusic.com/

You are in control

Learn & improve in your own time, in your own home at your own speed. Learn how to play button accordion. The beauty of Button Accordion Lessons Online is that you are in control of every lesson. The user is not subject to a group class or the will of a different teacher. The lessons can be slowed down, sped up and even looped to ensure all teaching points have been learned.


To ensure that a user gets the full benefit of using Button Accordion Lessons Online, please make contact with Damien personally. If you have a question or for non users who have not signed up yet and would like to know more, click https://irishbuttonaccordionlessons.ie/contact/

The Lessons – What you will get

Each lesson boasts a range of customisable features to help students of all abilities.

Video Lesson
A full lesson taught by Damien, where the lesson pre-empts questions you may have drawing on his many years of experience. You can pause, rewind, fast forward and watch/learn from each video as many times as you like. The videos can be slowed down to suit your own learning need, you can loop a portion of the video for repeating – very useful for practising a fingering technique or practising a certain phrase of the lesson/tune.
Audio Track
A track of the tune which can be slowed down or sped up depending on the user’s preference.
Tips on Technique
This is where you get advice on how to learn better and how to be a better player, featuring tips on good practicing skills, fingering, air button control and more.
ABC and Staff Notation are supplied and can be downloaded and printed.
Background to the Tune
Every tune has a story! Damien gives us the background to the tune where he came across the tune, where he learned it, how it is regarded in the traditional music repertoire.

  • New lessons added all the time
  • Lessons are graded. Track your progress
  • Competitively priced

Happy Customers

You will be learning from one of Ireland’s foremost button accordion players and here is what the customers have to say.

“The site is really good. Bought a box for my children last week and signed up to get the basics of accordion. Very easy to follow.” – Ciarán, Donegal, Ireland.

“I have been using Damien’s platform for two months now and although I am not a total beginner I needed to go back to the start because I have never had official lessons. I like the very thorough, detailed way of teaching always advising about which finger to put on each note, particularly when you get to the highter notes. The use of the bellows explained here is very helpful. Damien’s pace is great for a beginner and of course we have the option of speeding it up as well. My accordion is a Double Ray BC 21 button not 23 button used here but I can follow along perfectly. I am enjoying the mix of tunes, jigs, polkas, marches, hornpipe, barndance.” – Laura, Westmeath, Ireland.

“I’m so happy to find this site. I’ve played single row for many years and following a gig from St. Patrick’s day, my attention turned to the Emerald Island. This site is exactly what I needed to learn the BC and the traditional Irish repertoire. I’m looking forward to working through the lessons”. Brad, OH, USA.

“I always had a great interest in the button accordion and in the last few years took some lessons online. I have a B/C accordion and sometimes it’s difficult to get lessons for the B/C. I have only started on your site but so far love it. You have it so well explained. Love your suggestion of fingerwork. You have the stepping stones so well laid out. Thanks so much for setting this up I will stay and move on to the next  course”. Deirdre, Ontario, Canada.


“This is a great set up and lots of fun. The videos let me learn at my own pace and the instruction is clear, thorough, and helpful. I’m really enjoying it and looking forward to working through all of the courses. Highly recommended.” Mark, California, USA.