Clare Shout Advanced Sample Lesson

Clare Shout Advanced Sample Lesson

Description, Tips and Techniques

This is a free and sample lesson for you to try. The lesson structure is typical of the other lessons in the advanced course. From the sample lesson you will get an idea of pace, content, fingering technique, and standard of tune. It is designed for a person who has progressed through the first ten lessons of the advanced course, so this is the beginning level of the middle advanced level.

Tips and Techniques:
Get comfortable with the controls available to you for the tune. Slow it down, loop, speed it up and feel free to contact me through the page and ask a question.
The advanced course is pitched very high, so make sure to check out the other free lessons to get a feel for the standard of the courses available.

Story Behind the Tune

This is a gorgeous jig written by Bobby Gardiner. I fell in love with the tune when Mairead Hurley, Nathan Gourley and John Blake recorded it on the "Truckly Howl".


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